meet shahin

Shahin's passion for organic cosmetics began at an early age. His father was a world-renowned geologist, professor, and scientist with the World Health Organization, and his mother was a well-respected artist who drew her artistic inspiration from nature.

During his childhood, Shahin came to respect the power and beauty that resided in nature. His family would often visit the beautiful countryside, where his mother would pick out various herbs, which she would later use in her own naturopathic preparations. These trips introduced Shahin to the awesome potential that exists in nature, and formed the basis of the philosophy he would later apply to his own life.

Shahin attended one of the top universities in the world, where he studied chemistry. There, he learned about all the amazing things that can be accomplished through chemistry, but at the same time, he wondered about the long-term effects that chemicals might have on the human body and the environment. There were certain questions not being asked. This led him to investigate these issues for himself.

At the same time, he was pursuing his passion for nature by making organic face creams and masks. Through his mother's connection to the artistic and intellectual community, he made a name for himself as a producer of effective natural beauty products. Before he knew it, Shahin was up to his neck in orders for all kinds of creams, masks and other beauty products from artists and intellectuals all around the country.

During his mandatory military service, Shahin witnessed first-hand how chemistry and technology were being used to damage the environment and humanity. He believed that these effects were the result of humanity's general disconnection from nature (one of the reasons was this-that's why he went for green). He believed that people essentially lost touch with the fragile nature of the environment and our place within it. "We needed a reminder that we are linked to the environment. The nature's beauty will reflect on your existence and make you and your actions and thought also pretty and peaceful".

He could see the potential harm that chemicals and industrial processes could do, and resolved to dedicate his life to helping people regain that connection to nature. His philosophy was that nature has provided us with all the necessary materials to achieve beauty and wellness. Natural ingredients maintain inner harmony, which in turn leads to wellness. Synthetic ingredients, on the other hand, upset this inner harmony, which in turn compromises wellness. This belief formed the foundation for his future business.

After his military service, Shahin came to Canada to further his professional career in the cosmetic and personal care industry. He continued to make his own cosmetics for his wife and family using the organic ingredients available at his local farmer's market. Using a small kettle in his own kitchen, he worked tirelessly on perfecting his formulations with the intention of starting his own business. His studies at university gave him the tools and his background gave him the passion to create eaurganic by d'Avicenna – one of the first Certified Organic skin and hair care producers in Canada.

His contributions did not end there. Shahin also convinced the members of Certech Registration that Canada needed its own standard for organic cosmetics after growing increasingly concerned with the amount of synthetic ingredients in many so-called "organic" products. Thanks largely to his efforts, Certech Registration developed the IOS2008 standard – a standard specifically designed to ensure the legitimacy and quality of organic cosmetics and personal care products. Putting people ahead of profits, Shahin invested significant money and effort into getting eaurganic by d'Avicenna to become the first cosmetic and personal care company certified under the new standard. Many have followed since, but eaurganic was the first…

Following in his father's footsteps, Shahin has become a world-renowned authority on green chemistry and cosmetic science. He is a member of the Organic Council of Ontario and the Organic Trade Association's Personal Care Task Force. He is also a chair elect for the Canadian Society of Cosmetic Chemists. His 20+ years of scientific study and lifetime of passion for nature can be felt in every drop of eaurganic by d'Avicenna.

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