about d'Avicenna inc.

d'Avicenna, Inc. is the culmination of Shahin Kalantari's lifelong dedication to natural and organic beauty.

In 2004, d'Avicenna began producing natural skin care products. The company quickly built a reputation for quality and effective products, and suddenly, d'Avicenna's name started popping up all over the media. With frequent mentions in Tonic and Viva, as well as Lou Lou, Elevate, Best Health, and the Toronto Star, d'Avicenna quickly made an impact on the world of natural and organic personal care products.

Seeing an extraordinary lack of regulations in the North American organic personal care market, d'Avicenna's President and CEO, Shahin Kalantari encouraged Certech Registration to create a new standard to govern organic personal care products.

He knew that organic personal care products would be the next big thing, but most importantly, Shahin wanted to see North American consumers enjoying the same benefits that Europeans and Australians have enjoyed for years due to their established organic certification standards (for more information, read Shahin's story).

In early 2008, d'Avicenna became the first company in North America to launch a Certified Organic line of personal care products under Certech Registration's new IOS organic cosmetic standard – the line was eaurganic, d'Avicenna's current premium brand. This was a proud moment for the company because not only was d'Avicenna the first to get certified, but it was the realization of Shahin's dream to provide a standard for organic certification that all North American consumers could benefit from.

Here is a highlight of the launching eaurganic brand on April 22, 2008 - Earth Day:Earth day eaurganic launch

It wasn't easy to go for organic certification, but d'Avicenna wanted the best for its customers. The move paid off as demand for d'Avicenna's line of Certified Organic personal care products, eaurganic, picked up like never before. The newly certified eaurganic brand expanded internationally into markets in the UK, Asia, the Middle East, and South Africa in a very short time. Soon after, many other North American brands started following d'Avicenna's move.

In response to this international demand, it became important to go for certification that was not just recognized by North Americans, but one that was internationally renowned, and so d'Avicenna sought organic certification from Ecocert Greenlife. Due to Ecocert Greenlife's long-standing reputation, their certification is recognized around the world. And thanks to the efforts of everybody at d'Avicenna, eaurganic was certified by Ecocert in 2012.

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